The Driving Instructor

Driving Anxiety

The following videos are intended to help overcome stress reactions to driving situations such as driving on highways and bridges, or lane change and left turns at intersections.

 Driving anxiety often have little to do with the act of driving an automobile, except that driving simply revs up the anxiety that is already there, especially under some specific situations. 

Many student drivers - (especially teens) and parents - do not reveal to their instructors that they have anxiety.  Thus, the driving teacher is often unaware of the problem until the student begins to overreact in normal driving situations. This withholding of useful information at the start of the  driving lesson degrades any substantial progress at the end due to greater anxiety levels.

Students who reveal that they are trying to overcome anxiety should initially drive in areas where their blood pressure and heart rate can remain level so as to avert blown anxiety, and therefore, any refusal to try again.  It is also very import to understand proper nutrition and to know if the student is on anti-anxiety medications such as Lexapro, and how frequently it is taken.

PART-1 - Lane change.
You can now be the driver. Lets work on the lane changing.

PART-2 Left turn at intersections and lights.

PART-3 How to merge onto the highway.
This is how to merge on the highway correctly.